What is Football Golf

A unique and fun experience for everyone in a natural environment

Football Golf is a new sport that has been practiced for years in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Germany, Czechoslovakia, France, etc. Since the beginning of the WFGA (World Footballgolf Association) based in Sweden organizes tournaments such as the European Championship or the World Football Championship.

The main objective of the game is to arrive with the ball from the starting point to the hole and reaching it with the minimum possible touches.  From our point of view, we believe it is time to practice this new sport here in the Costa Maresme / Barcelona. Thanks to our climate, Football Golf Barcelona will offer the chance of practicing this new sport throughout the year. Football Golf is suitable for everyone, families, groups of friends, companies, soccer teams, schools, etc.

The Field

Our facilities for Football Golf Barcelona consist of an 18-hole field and a Par-72 field. Each course has a different level. The trail of each track can vary from 30m to 100m in length. The path where the ball moves is limited by the cut of the lawn (shorter). All holes have a stick with a flag and its relevant number. Thereby, from the beginning of each tour, the place where the ball should enter will be more visible.

At the beginning of each route can be found an information panel to show the appropriate trajectory that the ball should follow, als well as the obstacles in each case, the difficulty level of the shot and the distance to cover.

The Game

The maximum number of players per game is between 4 and 5. If there’s a bigger number of players, we are going to divide them in groups of 4/5 members maximum. This action is taken to increase the game. With the intention of optimizing the dynamics of the game, not all players necessarily have to start the game on the first hole.


The rules of the game allow you to start, for example, in the middle of the course (Hole 9). So there are no waiting times. In this way, several small groups can start at the same time.

The Holes

The Rules

  • The objective of the game is to play on all the specified holes with the lowest number of chutes possible. The ball is kicked with the foot directly from the ground.
  • Each touch of the ball counts as a shot.
  • There is a specific even number for each lane, this is a guide for the number of chutes.
  • Participants take turns playing the first shot.
  • A new round begins with the player whose ball is farthest from the hole played.
  • If another ball prevents the desired shooting direction, the player may request to "secure" the ball (mark the point and remove the ball).
  • If you have entered your ball to the first hole, let the others keep playing until they have reached the goal with the ball, then they will go together to the next track.
  • The player who has achieved the lowest total number of chutes on all tracks (as in mini golf) has won.
  • Shoes with studs are not allowed.


  • Children under 12 years one Game: 11€
  • Children under 12 years all day: 18€
  • Adults one Game: 14€
  • Adults all day: 22€
  • Family Ticket ( 2 Adults+2 Children) one Game: 43€
  • Family Ticket ( 2 Adults+2 Children) all day: 66€
  • Discount for groups of more than 15 pax: 1€


  • Our Football Golf is open all year round. In July and August every day from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.
  • The rest of the year every Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.
  • It is advisable to call before coming to verify that the park is open.
  • On work days we are open upon previous request for groups of min. 10 participants.

How to get there

Driving from Barcelona

Take Expressway C-32 toward Girona, until exit n. 122, then Highway N II -direction Girona until Santa Susanna. When you arrive at the roundabout where is a McDonald’s , turn left in to the Bou road and following the signs for Can Rosich or Activ Natura (Adventure Park) – you’ ll arrive  in 5 min..

Driving from Girona

Take highway N II direction Barcelona until Santa Susanna. Passing “Hostel Can Feliu” which is on the right side, you will arrive at the roundabout where there is a McDonald’s , turn right into the Bou road and following the signs for Can Rosich or Activ Natura (Adventure Park) – you’ ll arrive in 5 min..

By train

Take the train to Santa Susanna. Then from there we can collect you in our private vehicles if you want or need it. Contact us beforehand.

Contact Form

    If you want to make a payment for the reservation of your activity, you must first contact us and we will indicate the reference data to make your reservation. If we have already provided you with this information, click here to make the payment corresponding to your reservation.